“Girl! Sit down!”

“Without vanity, without coquetry, without curiosity, in a word, without the fall, woman would not be woman. Much of her grace is in her frailty” – Victor Hugo

Men need to be men, women need to be women.

Who would trust men…? Now, let’s assume two or three men are sitting in the office and say to each other something like this: “dude, did you saw that new blondie that just started working on the second floor?” “yeah, she’s so hot…”. Can you imagine reactions of other women around them? Females are going mad when you are complementing other women – that are not themselves. They are very competitive yet often very insecure. And no, I have never been around any situation like that. Men do talk but only when they know that they can trust someone. And often in a very enclosed secure conditions. At work, every other male can back stab you. This is just the reality of it. It makes us all behave like robots. Men are even afraid to talk about women if there’s a female around them! But in opposition to this women talk about other men in presence of men, constantly without the slightest worry! “Oh that new guy who started working next floor is sooo haaawt!” “I would go with him for a drink anytime” …and they are all giggling. Try talk about women like that… good luck. Everyone is scared because they want to gain their approval at the same time.

Another example: One girl is completely misbehaving in our office. She is constantly badmouthing others, especially when they are not around. She isn’t joking. She is really being mean. And that’s seriously not cool. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed so nobody gives a fuck. Managers are mostly women. They don’t want or don’t know how to handle things like that. Or maybe middle management told them to shove this under the carpet. Yeah I know, bad management. If you allow BS like that on the lowest level it tends to spread out across the whole company, fast.

I remember once I was working with my headphones on my head but they were turned off. She started making fun out of me and then encouraging other girls around to laugh with her. Immediately, I told her to “Cut it off”. It worked. For a while. She is a tough cookie case. She has problems that were created long time before she started this work, and they won’t be fixed in there. By anyone. But that doesn’t mean any man could allow to be treated not in the way he wants to be treated, right? I stood up and told her: “What’s wrong with you? Stop talking about me in front of everyone else like I’m not here. It doesn’t make me feel nice. You have really bad manners, you know? Nobody told you how to behave around the people you are working with? It’s not my problem that you’re bored with this job. If you need to keep talking bullshit about other people, maybe it’s time to find a new one?”. That one shut her down. For good. Everyone around heard that and she immediately put her head down.

See, girls will do things like that. They do it for several reasons. They want to test you whether you’re really that masculine energy you’re showing out that you are. They are bored. They want to be entertained and crave attention. Some of them are just twisted fruit-loops, though. You can use the stuff I wrote. You can also say something like “You’re being silly and you create unnecessary drama. If you keep doing this your’e going to ruin our relationship. Don’t talk to me this way, talk to me like an adult. We need to have mature adult communication here instead of this shit like five year olds”. This should work, too. Or something similar. Just make sure that you will say this in a calm and polite manner, but remain confident. It is her who is misbehaving there. Treat her like you would treat your smaller sister. If this won’t work, you can escalate to your manager or go to HR. Usually it is not necessary. And if they or someone else won’t like you for it, then who cares? Especially observe the reactions of beta-pussies around. It’s almost comedic. “What? He said to her something like that?! What an asshole!” Obviously, in the small print deep down they all would love to have that sort of healthy boundaries to stand up for themselves in a way that brings results. It’s your life and your rules.

Wet & Dry

Girls like that love to be put in their place. It sounds weird and off but sometimes they do it just to be shouted at. They operate out of operational system based on emotions not logic, like us. Maybe her father was ignoring her when she was a child and she was doing just this (misbehaving) to get his loving attention? And then, she mistaken misbehavior with receiving attention? Who knows. I don’t care. My life is a drama-free zone.

I don’t have time for such bullshit. But one thing for sure: your inner masculine energy must be at a healthy level for you to be able to manage behavior like this. If you’r energy is like a dry lake, she will sense that and test you even stronger.

Also, they might remove their attention from you if they are in solid pack just to prove how wrong you are and how you don’t have anything to say. This is just another test, stand your ground. She will get uncomfortable next time you will be around her, and then she will know your true power. And power brings respect. And respect makes women wet. When they get wet, we fuck them. That’s how simple it is. A woman who is not respecting you- dries out. She literally does dry out. 😉 It’s the same as men being unable to have an erection due to their partner no longer tingling their masculine core.

And no, I don’t recommend giving your precious time to the crazy, misbehaving ones. She has to earn your time and approval first. And for God’s sake stop being a pleaser. There are so many men-pussies around everywhere nowadays. They are even worst than stupid girls like the one I described.

Have some respect. If you don’t have self respect, build it. How? Well, as I’ve said countless times already – inner energy doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come to everyone. It comes only to those who are persistent and dedicated enough to live healthy, clean their diets, exercise, have passions and live a life that’s bringing some good results. It doesn’t need to be eye-catching or striking. Good things often go unnoticed. But it will have a high-impact on you and those around you.

This is the true way of a free male. One who is grounded, on purpose and free. And that’s me.

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