Do women think that they are better than men?

Have you ever realized that it’s not allowed to say that we are better than women? This seem to be obvious. But did you ever thought whether women think they are better than men? The only thing you need to do to realize the reality is to listen to their conversations, especially when they are convinced that nobody listens to them. If you ever wondered if women are amused by men hitting on them in bar or pubs, check this one out: they usually call the men trying to flirt with them “their tails” and that they usually can’t get rid of them. That of course points towards those men not knowing what to do (just like manginas and betas rushing to the help of the females to “save the damsel in distress”) but it doesn’t change that very fact. Women have no clue how to treat men, too. But in both scenarios it is men who suffer. A female can say “all Germans have bad sense of humor” and it will slip through the net, but if a male says that he will be held accountable and responsible for his own words. Think about it.

By society and law, women are treated like small kids with adult allowances. But we are creating half of that society. So why we do allow it? Well, we don’t. The elites and powers that be decides for us. Decades in advcance.

Again, a typical Purple Pill man will tell you that it’s only single cases. That it only leads to hate and resentment towards women. And that it won’t make us happier. Well, I choose harsh truth instead of sweet lies. But it’s up to you. Besides, it’s not just single cases. It’s a fucking majority.

Women behave in a very competitive way. For example, there are two new teams in our office. Both teams consist of 5-6 girls and one guy in each of them. Girls from one team started to say the name of the male in their team often, talking with him a lot and laughing loudly – making sure that the other team of girls saw how much fun they are having with their male. Guess what? The second team of girls started to acting just like that.

How often girls talk about “what a handsome guy they saw today” in front of other males who just keeping silent. When last time did you saw two or three men in company of one woman bragging about some other sexy girl that they saw? I have never heard anything like this.

Do you think they fucking care about you or your morals? They know that when they will have sex with you often they will fall in love and want to be in a relationship, that’s their biology and they are well aware of this. Only the most stupid ones do not. But others do. That’s why they don’t meet often with the same “fuck buddies”. They just circulate them. And probably tell every each one of them that “he is the best” and “he is the only one”. Men are so dumb these days. So weak.

She doesn’t care whether you live healthy or not. Years before, this was my yet another false hope. That when I stop partying and drinking myself to death, a good mannered woman will appreciate my efforts of living clean. Of having a nice diet and exercising, being fit. It would separate me from all those less mature men, right? Wrong! She doesn’t give a fuck and probably goes to bed with yet another drunken idiot, just because she doesn’t care. If she wants a dick, she gets it. From anywhere she wants. She has no morals, man! At least she doesn’t perceive them in the same sense as we do… she can steal sperm from somebody else then date a beta-pussy and claim that this is his child! She wants to preserve herself, clone herself and have a child. That’s her biology, her programming. It’s not her fault. She’s just playing everything as nature has intended. That is woman’s sole purpose: secure best genetic material and use her body to mix it with her eggs and reproduce it. That’s about fucking it.

Stop glorifying women and stop making everything around being social with females. They often don’t deserve out company but – sadly – in 90% of the cases, getting entertainment from us for free. Well, we are their “tails” after all, aren’t we? Pathetic.


Brahmacharya (Misleading descriptions of a woman’s beauty)

Brahmacharya (/ˌbrɑːməˈtʃɑːrjə/; Devanagari: ब्रह्मचर्य) literally means “going after Brahman (Supreme Reality, Self or God)“.[1] In Indian religions, it is also a concept with various context-driven meanings.

In one context, brahmacharya is the first of four ashrama (age-based stages) of a human life, with grihastha (householder), vanaprastha (forest dweller), and sannyasa (renunciation) being the other three asramas. The brahmacharya (bachelor student) stage of one’s life, up to twenty-five years of age, was focused on education and included the practice of celibacy.[2] In this context, it connotes chastity during the student stage of life for the purposes of learning from a guru (teacher), and during later stages of life for the purposes of attaining spiritual liberation (moksha).[3][4]

In another context, brahmacharya is the virtue of celibacy when unmarried and fidelity when married.[5][6] It represents a virtuous lifestyle that also includes simple living, meditation and other behaviors.[7][8]

In the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist monastic traditions, brahmacharya implies, among other things, the mandatory renunciation of sex and marriage.[9] It is considered necessary for a monk’s spiritual practice.[10] Western notions of the religious life as practiced in monastic settings mirror these characteristics.

Misleading descriptions of a woman’s beauty

Poets have exaggerated the beauty of ladies. They are misguided persons who put young men on the wrong path. Descriptions like “damsels with bewitching eyes”, “face like the moon”, “rosy cheeks and honeyed lips” are false and imaginary. Where is the beauty in the dead body, in old women, in sick ladies? Where is the beauty when a lady is infuriated? You are aware of this and yet you cling to their bodies! Are you not confirmed fools! This is due to the force of Maya. How mysterious is the power of Maya and Moha! The beauty of a woman is false, artificial and decaying. Real beauty is undecaying and eternal. The Atman is the source of all beauties. His beauty is everlasting and undecaying. It is ornaments, silken clothing with fanciful borders, dressing of the hair with golden hairpins, flowers, application of powder to their faces, lipstick to the lips and unguent to their eyes that lend a temporary decoration and artificial glittering to the women. Deprive them of their face powders, their ornaments and gaudy dress, and ask them to wear a simple white cloth without any border. Where is the beauty now? The beauty of the skin is a delusion only.

Poets describe in their fanciful, passionate moods that honey flows from the lips of a young, beautiful lady. Is this really true? What do you actually see? The stinking pus from the sockets of the teeth that are affected with dreadful pyorrhoea, the nasty and abdominal sputum from the throat, and foul saliva dribbling on the lips at night—do you call all this as honey and nectar? And yet, the passionate, lustful and sex-intoxicated man swallows these filthy excretions when he is under the sway of excitement! Is there anything more revolting than this? Are not these poets culpable, when they have given such a false description, when they have caused great havoc and damage to passionate young men?

Behind the shining skin there is the raw flesh. Behind the smiles of a young lady are hidden frown and anger. Behind the rosy lips lie germs of diseases. Behind the gentleness and kind words are hidden harsh words and abuses. Life is fleeting and uncertain, O passionate man! Realize the beauty of the Atman in the heart. The body is the abode for diseases. The net of affection in this world is strengthened by long indulgence. It has entwined its thick knotted twine around your neck.

Minus skin, minus dress, minus ornaments, woman is nothing. Just imagine for a moment that her skin is removed. You will have to stand by her side with a long stick to drive away crows and vultures. Physical beauty is superficial, illusory and fading. It is skin-deep. Do not be deluded by external appearances. It is the jugglery of Maya. Go to the source, Atman, the beauty of beauties, the everlasting beauty.

This was a fragment of Brahmacharya,
inspired by burtcoins (Reddit)

Is Europe starting to have a Muslim problem?

Or maybe we have a huge problem with leftist political correctness which means we aren’t able to fully express our supposedly free speech without instantly being called racists and xenophobes? Isn’t it weird that I cannot freely talk about my opinion on this not only in the place where I currently work, but also around most of my colleagues without a possibility of “offending” them? This is our place, Europe. And it’s not about tolerance. I have nothing against people coming here to work hard just as I do. But if we cannot check who they are or they don’t integrate with the rest of our society and create ghettos, then is this what we really want or need? The line needs to be drawn. It’s really a thing that one needs to realize: our churches will be bulldozed due to low number of believers and we will have mosques built across our neighborhoods. We need to realize what this really means. Christianity had its period of killing infidels long time ago but this cannot be said about Islam. In theory we can brag about tolerance and openness but in practice every time a stronger culture beats up the one that’s more weak. Many more people come from the East to live here than the other way around. How many people do you know that go there to build homes and create families? I know none.

In reality, the “tolerant and open” world exists only here. They haven’t changed their ways of living. Their culture is completely alien to ours and nobody can’t deny that Christians and Muslims always had problems with coexisting peacefully in the past. I don’t know any good solutions for this problem. Things like “civil unrest” “civil war” and “Muslim Europe” are coming to mind. It is probably too late. The moment I am uploading this content, there were already two other terror attacks – in St Petersburg and in Stockholm.

It’s pretty much game over, guys.


(Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). In practice it means “you doing”. It’s like cause and effect. If you planted a good seed in the past, it will grow into a good tree with sweet fruits. If your seeds are rotten, you won’t reap good results. Ever.

Odds turned. Coins were tossed again. This time, mine is on the top.

During the breaks, everyone in the canteen usually eats with someone else. I’ve found another guy that I spend most of my time with- he has a good, positive energy.

The Negative Guy sits and eats alone.

It seems his energy is repulsing to others. You can read people well. You don’t need special (mutant 😉 ) powers, just look at their faces. Dominant emotions tend to leave a significant mark. Fear, anger, hate. It all can be seen clearly and without obstructions. When you are good and honest, no evil will be able to touch you. I don’t know why this universe works this way. I don’t know if there’s more Zen Buddhism or Quantum Physics in it. I cannot even explain these things in a rational way to somebody who don’t know them. All that I know is that it works. But it will sound like a pseudo-science to anyone who never felt it, practiced and understood it. And that’s okay.

So, I don’t know how to advice anyone on this. The more clear and less obstructed your view is the more (and more easily) you can see, sense and percept. For me, this also came with various good things that I was adding to my life, step by step. Yoga, healthy food. Physical activity. And also with subtracting bad stuff from it – smoking, alcohol, caffeine. Abstaining from recreational drugs. Not putting bad stuff inside my head. Stop overthinking things, energy never lies. Your heart never lie. We often only don’t know how to listen and spot the signals.



And now let’s get back to our more casual topics. 😉 I was thinking how every woman is a master manipulator. Some of them are better at this than others, but almost every one of them is very good at it. And that’s scary. They had to practice it somewhere. For a long time. Their friends, brothers, fathers. Yes. Unfortunately, yes.

But in order for the manipulation to manifest there must be one who can be manipulated. If you won’t allow that, then they will brag, complain, shout, insult (which will be even further manipulation tactic in itself). If you’ll pass that, some of them will walk away- the most bad ones who are only using men won’t stand anyone who is stronger. But others will be wet inside.

That’s the main point. They really want to be put into submission. There’s just not enough strong men out there right now. This makes us without much competition. 😉 Sad that this doesn’t solve our problems- as “the moment I’ve regained my sight, I didn’t want to look anymore”. It’s just too much work. It’s not worth it. Life is too stressful and short to dedicate it to taming of your private female (which won’t be yours anyway, ever). Better get a dog and experience true friendship, loyalty and love. Free of charge! Stop expecting anything from women and especially the things that they aren’t even able to comprehend or understand. Love included. Sorry guys, but that’s the dire truth. We all know it. We just deliberately choose to lie to ourselves.

They are spoiled. How to repair them?

And is it even possible? If they aren’t able to fix themselves? But they don’t see themselves as “broken”.

We talk about women because it’s our fucking second gender. Our civilization still depends on procreation. We cannot just forget about them. Few interesting comments from the reader Moi from my older article Weak and Alone:

Moi says:
I liked the “pretending pretending pretending” comment. Unfortunately because of things like FaceSpace, MyBook, and Selfies (the picture kind), people seem to believe that the fantasy they show to the world, is really how things should be. The unrealistic expectations of how exciting things should be all the time, is a significant part of why relationships don’t seem to last anymore. That and not being willing to accept other people’s feelings/issues, and labeling them as “drama”, while expecting everyone to put up with all of our issues, makes it harder for relationship to last. If the most important person in your life is always yourself, no one else will ever really be important to you.

D. Horrenbrand says:
Notice that it also takes away the mystery from the dating scene – inexperienced male adds his dating prospect to FB and suddently she knows everything about him- his friends, interests, likes. There’s nothing left for her to discover and she leaves (or already knows how to get huge leverage over him). This is also why I stopped using FB and updating the wall. It doesn’t serve any purpose. I pity teenagers in our current world – they cannot escape from this social-media curse in a way than older men still can.

Also women see “fake” lives on walls of others. Because they often lie on their own walls – they cannot distinguish whether others are lying, too. They want to be continuously entertained. Of course expecting this is already something unrealistic. But they are too spoiled to notice their own lack of grounding.

This is frightening. And here is why I hate FB. But still, I need to use it. We are trapped and there’s no way out.


PS. Some of you heard that Amber Heard   looks interested in Elon Musk. He might be a fabulous entrepreneur but a complete noob when it comes to women! Typical Blue Pilled man who might be a demanding dominating boss but the moment a woman comes around – he turns himself into a butler. Now, of course she knows what she is doing. She is a clever bitch. She knows that Elon is a way more powerful man than Johny Depp. Elon Musk will protect her not only from Johny Depp, but also from courts/judges and any loss of reputation. That bitch is a top one. I feel sorry both for Elon and Johny. If she’ll be sucking Elon’s dick, it’s going to happen let’s say once or twice per week, for a period of several minutes. Being in a relationship with her would a 24h/day, 7 days per week thing. The math is simple. Few minutes of self-humiliation for unlimited power and access to resources. And by the way, every woman does that. They suck our dicks for a short time and receive everything in return. Some of them don’t even do that because their men are so stupid that they are okay with it. Whichever god or force of the universe is out there – hello – please save us. 😉 Women are stupid but the tragic lack of understanding being shown by some men beats even that.


#BrusselsAttack – Male Behavior

Now, I know it was a tragedy. And I am sorry for every person affected. But if you want to mourn, go elsewhere. Here we can look at the source from the side of male-female inter-gender relations.

A short video emerged, recorded by some people stuck at the airport. Well, they were stuck only in their heads. Some people in the situation of crisis become paralyzed and frozen. Others, act with courage. I don’t blame anyone, though. Not everyone can be a soldier, and not everyone is a survivor. Most people are not. 

-Where are the f*cking soldiers? – Sounds like a typical “please save me and tell me what to do” Mangina behavior.
-A soldier can also do nothing! (On a lighter note, this would probably made me laugh 😉 )

But there’s so much more. Listen to the conversation that apparently some couple is having. She is expecting him to be a man, while he is afraid to make a move and just waits for the police (a woman in this case, coincidentally) to tell him what to do.

  • Get over there! That’s safe!
  • I’m not leaving! Get over here!
  • No, no!
  • Just stay here!
  • You have to go outside!

You can clearly read the couple dynamics. Her dude is almost losing it, screaming at her with fear.

What would you do?

Again, you can watch the discussed video here. Courtesy of RT.

PS. I would run away. If you don’t hear shots, no further explosions are happening and you’re capable of running there’s really no point in staying in the same place waiting for someone to find you. Either good or bad. You have to take your life in your own hands. In the situation of the crisis nobody is going to help you. Yeah, I know that is what “the authorities” always advise – like, if something bad happens on the train, just remain on the train. We will come and save you. Typical sheep behavior. They encourage it because it is easier for them to control mindless crowd.

Pussy Whipped Men

Lack of Fine Men

I see it everywhere. Lack of MGTOWs everywhere.  Men being completely dominated by women. I still cannot believe how rare MGTOW are.

Guy talking with girlfriend through his phone trying to calm her down because she is suspicious he left his work earlier and that somehow worries her (or maybe it’s just another power play?) so he explains her exactly when and which buses he took just like she was his mother. Of course, he wants to communicate. He is going after compromise. He wants his relationship “to work”. Afterwards, he thought that he avoided female trap and instead beat her up in a tough, logical discussion that he presumably won but the truth is that he became complacent- again. 

Or the young couple with a boy being pussy whipped… I saw them travelling in a bus which I use to get to work. Girl was unmoved while the dude was literally all over her, asking for kisses, leaning forward towards her (like he was trying to suck in all of her presence). He looked weak to me. She knew that he will do anything for a promise of a bit of a pussy.

Or even when another dude dates a girl from my work. She dated him for six fucking dates, for over two months and she didn’t slept with him yet. She “needs to know him better”. In fact, she just lures him into falling in love with her and well, if a girl needs more than six dates to find out whether she is into the boy then something is wrong with her or with him. She either don’t feel anything at all and knows that he is yet another complacent man (with whom she won’t be happy at all) or she just needs a servant.

She pretends that there’s a real prize coming for him sometime later on, but remember that sex isn’t worth the waiting (now if anyone still don’t believe that escorts are a far better deal…) From my personal experience I can tell than every girl who wants to be chased like that is never worth it. Sex with her isn’t worth it, too – she is either extremely conservative type of a girl who would not kiss a guy on the 1st date or she is sexually undeveloped. Besides, if he had a little bit of respect he would already stopped chasing her. Maybe he enjoys her fucking “divine presence”? She said that she is very demanding and needs a loyal, caring man that isn’t shallow. When I asked what it is there for a man she wasn’t able to give me a clear answer. She finally said “everything” (which of course means – nothing; maybe she’ll allow him to lick her crack a bit).  She never really thought about it. That she also has to bring something to the table. Why? Because during her whole life everybody was constantly trying to get her attention. She did not need to do anything at all. It felt really funny when I listened to her. She wants a man that isn’t shallow, but that’s exactly what she is.

Our society is fucked up. Women fucked it up, and at the very end – we helped them to do it.

Don’t be that guy.

Go MGTOW.  Figure out what it means for you. Don’t give your life on a plate to women, play it on your own rules. No fucking exceptions. They will talk, gossip and try to back-stab you. Ignore that. 

I am angry that I need to say this but lie and deceive them, if that’s what works for you. Remember that they don’t have any morality and deep down inside they very well know that they are rotten. They know that they are incapable of love. Men died for women across centuries in the past, in wars and personal fights. Women can’t even have respect for men who died for them and you know why? It’s because deep down they know how full of shit they are. They are baffled that anyone would offer their own life in order to save them. They know they don’t deserve it and if a male don’t know this, he must be stupid, therefore they won’t respect him.


Beware of the bitches.

So if you still need to fulfill your polygamist urges- go and fuck them, make sure you think about contraceptives and stay safe. They aren’t worth our time, really. They don’t know what a true love means. Women think that after a break up a male can’t just forget about it and move on because he is undeveloped and immature. They look at it as it was a weakness. Well, in fact the way men experience emotions is far more deep than women. That’s why they aren’t able to grasp it. Instead, they are laughing at men falling in love with them so easily. If men were able to quickly forget about their female partners after break ups, they fucking would. But they aren’t capable of it because they feel emotions on a far deeper level. Not because they are little, not-yet-matured kids. The same “kids” went to the Moon, wrote poetry and discovered nuclear energy.

Women would never understand this. And don’t even waste your time trying to explain this to them. Fuck them all.