Steve Mayeda

During my long lasting hobby of checking out various coaches and lifestyle trainers I’ve already wrote about Corey Wayne. Corey was directing himself towards a bit of  a healthy Red Pill and at the same time being aware of the whole MGTOW movement, but never really indulging in it and being accused of never proving to be with any girl (personally why he should share his private life with strangers?). Plenty of people find out that his methods are simply accurate and I respect his work towards celebrating healthy masculinity.

..then there’s this guy – Steve Mayeda. He’s openly admitting being in a long term relationship with two kids and an admirably cute wife. Of course, he posts pictures of his own family openly on varous social media and there are people hating him for this. You see the pattern? Once you’re more or less successful, the haters always come and try to put you down.

I must admit it, I really do like his balanced and mature content. Just as Corey Wayne admitted that he had a fucked up childhood with schizophrenic mother and some alcohol involved, so do Steve openly says that he had a drug addiction problem in the past and that he had done plenty of cheating in his older relationships. I’ve listened to a good bit of his podcasts and he raises a lot of good points. Of course, half of the MGTOWalready maturedcommunity of kids will shut down his message because he dears to say that he doesn’t fancy MGTOW. How dare he can have his own opinion! But this only proves the things he is saying about. I recommend you watch this video where he is talking about important topics – rape, consent, being sexual and also MGTOW and The Red Pill for a bit. It might open your eyes that there is more than one side to the same topic we talk about. Masculinity is complex. You might not agree with everything but if you consciously choose to limit yourself to just one worldview, you’re hurting yourself. 


There’s of course a small hook: his The Sexual Life package comes with a price: 2000 USD dollars. You can as well join his Men’s Development Group on Facebook which is free and consist mostly of a group of men coming from mixed backgrounds. Personally, I haven’t found there anything extremely useful. This is often the cause in a very moderated and somewhat censored groups. Why I use the word censored? Well, I should say moderated but is there a difference? 😉 If you’re a hard radical MGTOW you won’t have your voice heard over there. Same probably goes with The Red Pill. And I get it, it’s his own project so he sets up the rules.  But apart from that, his YouTube content is free. If I was to choose from RSD Tyler , Corey Wayne and Mayeda’s content at this moment I would probably went with Mayeda. However, there’s a nice twist to this story and you will find out about it after reading the whole article.

But back to the topic, being a man doesn’t mean we should limit ourselves to just one idea. This is why I’m slowly migrating away from pure MGTOW content here. During the last 2,5 years I’ve touched on PUAs, The Red Pill and MGTOW topics massively and frequently. Now, we will be moving straight into more clear masculinity topics. I believe that the best thing is to mix and match everything to suits your own personal needs. In life, there are no definite sets of data that mark your journey as ever finished. Believing that would lead to stagnation and that’s not what we want. At least not what I want.

I recently received an email from one of my readers who share my current view on the whole manosphere scene, so to say. MGTOW community has quickly become very closed and hermetic which is self-limiting in itself. Instead of development it causes stagnation. I believe that a true man would never limit himself because then what’s the difference from being a fanatic? Or a feminist? There is none. Sex and desire is a beautiful thing, women should not be hated. I believe that we can produce great things but only together, when our gender differences are being celebrated instead of forcefully put together under the “gender equality” bullshit. We are not equal, but we aren’t better or worse. We are just different.

Of course I will probably face a heavy backlash from the MGTOW community because I am saying this. They say they don’t hate women but they are lying. They do. And most of the people saying they are identifying themselves as MGTOWs are just inexperienced kids who never been in a serious relationship or “get laid” enough. They hide behind the MGTOW tag because they were hurt and they carry on their own trauma (maybe they had a shitty parents, or a toxic relationship with their own mother?) That’s a very bad approach. Any radical approach is usually very bad. It won’t lead them to happiness. Of course, there are exceptions but I am talking about the main current. I’m in my middle 30s. I don’t want to castrate myself and forcefully shut down my libido. Why would I? Sex is great. If you look at sex only from the side of women using you, you won’t ever be at peace with yourself. If you were hurt during bad relationship, or sex or whatever – you won’t cure and heal this trauma by shutting yourself out from sex, relationships with other people/women. It simply won’t work. It will just isolate you more. And no, this doesn’t mean I am recommending going into long term relationships with women – I don’t. I wonder how many of you already went into meltdown. See, how crazy and close-minded you are about this? Wake the fuck up. Right now! You are planning to be a monk until you’re 70 and your dick stops working? Really? Good luck. 

If I can get good sex and enjoy the company of women, all of the tension disappears and I simply enjoy myself being a man. Being not an alpha man, not a radical MGTOW, not a master Red Piller, not some sort of another weird label that only limits my expression but being a man. 

As for me, MGTOW was an important step during  my personal journey of discovering who I am myself and who I want to become. It was a step and not a final nail to my coffin. See the difference here? What I discovered was a man who don’t want to hate women, enjoy spending time with them, love having sex with them and a good laugh. I enjoy being at peace with myself and other human beings and I say no to hate and negativity towards the other gender. That doesn’t mean I will tolerate any breach of my own personal boundaries. ejaculating 3 times per day to internet porn with females in itBut how any modern male can have strong personal boundaries and talking about being a strong man yet at the same time is beyond me. So many of them need to just grow up and mature. Again – any radical approach is usually very bad. It might not feel like that at first, but then it will hit you. It will hit you when you will be lonely, surrounded by toxic emotions and feeling lost. We need more than just internet pseudo-friends who will support our twisted view on the world. And yes, there are more to being a male than just one way of living. Take this report of Mayeda’s receiving a birth of his own son. No, I don’t want kids. I don’t want a wife. But I still can appreciate his story and be open to the great beauty and mystery of life.

As Mayeda says:

“The social movements that are coming from damage, that are coming from people’s pain… the men’s movement, the women’s movement. You guys are the same fucking thing! You just coming from different angles but both of you depended on detachment and controlled definition of the others to empower yourselves. Traumatic bonding. It could be men coming together to talk shit about women or women coming together to talk shit about men. Or it can be people dysfunctionally coming together through sex.

Can’t really add anything to it. It sums it all up, perfectly. If your goal was to cure & heal yourself MGTOW will probably become just one step in a long journey. If your goal was to isolate yourself and spread hate, you are probably going to stay inside those already very isolated circles.

So far so good, right? Almost too good to be true. I was so close to admitting and going with the conclusion that Mayeda is the real deal here… however, however! Read this up gentlemen! I joined his free FB group under one of my alter egos so that I cannot be recognized as “this dude Datson Horrenbrand with unpopular opinions!” and made a random comment under some of other user’s post. He added a link depicting a typical men shaming story. I won’t go into the details, but a dude posted a hyperlink to an article fear mongering about the topic similar to the rape culture man-spreading (and all that craziness) asking what the members thought about it. Looked like a normal question. I replied that it looked to me like a typical click-bait article that only puts men in the bad light and certainly does not do anything good for the women either. Few hour later my post was deleted. No explanation, no nothing. If this is how his project works, I am out of it. I admire Mayeda’s message and in many parts I agree with it  however, I will never agree to censorship like this on any sort of social media. This is exactly what killed forum. If I am not allowed to voice my thoughts, what’s the whole point of the “development”? It becomes an isolated group just like MGTOWs or TRP or PUAs are. Okay, maybe they don’t want to stir unnecessary discussions. Maybe they only want “already matured” individuals that are okay with any sort of content. Bear in mind that after reading this group plenty of men felt to me like typical manginas/blue-pillers and no, I won’t drop these labels Mayeda… they are real and useful. And my comment wasn’t radical. I wasn’t bragging about MGTOW or anything. Or hating women in it.

After a short research I’ve found out that the guy posting that link was added by another dude, who was added to the group by Steve Mayeda himself. That another dude is an admin there. So the whole puzzle is solved for me. Another FB admin on a power trip unfairly covering ass of his colleague.

It looks like a little circle of mutual admiration. And don’t forget, if you still need some development as a man and you think that other men can teach you something, you are also willing to pay 2k USD to join Mayeda’s inner circle on The Sexual Life platform/community. As of now, Corey Wayne has also a nice and sensible stuff that has much more views and is not asking for such a huge amount of money for his paid content/coaching. Remember that always when you will feel “not complete” there will be people trying to sell you stuff. Mayeda often brags how he slept with hundreds of women. I doubt it. Why create such unrealistic stories? It just sounds not true. And it’s stupid because he is trying to sell much more worthy content.

Aha! One more thing – final nail to his coffin. One other person posted a picture telling a story about someone who was divorce-raped. “Wanted to get some opinions on this. I couldn’t imagine what I would do in this situation, but from the looks of what’s written here and based on current political climate, it doesn’t look like there’s much a man can do once it’s in motion. One has to get as skilled in early detection and disassociation of such people, it seems…” he wrote under the pic. Mayeda quickly responded So if you’re passionate about an issue like this 1) Help that person 2) Work on changing the laws or the court systems 3) Don’t think complaining or gossiping is changing anything”. He also explained why he believes this is the right way. I won’t cite the whole answer but just a short point from me: I don’t think this is complaining or gossiping. This is spreading the truth about what some women can do to you. Just my five cents on this.

From what he wrote it looks like Mayeda’s was divorce-raped himself. He replied how he “sucked it up”, paid 50k in legal fees, went to jail, have not been able to see his kids for 5 years… pretty tough shit. He said that “one should learn how to differentiate crazy people from non-crazy people, don’t think everybody is crazy, don’t make it a cause, accept full responsibility – for instance at all points in my life something bad happened, it was usually because I put myself in the situation, don’t blame people, KNOW THAT LIFE WILL FUCK YOU…When you GET FUCKED move on; So I know a lot of happy people who are successful with money and business and they have all been screwed and write it off and move on…then make money and life happen.  Then I know people who get screwed and complain about it and they are never successful in anyway. ”  

And I agree with that! But at least in my opinion he should know better that not every man is aware about divorce-rape and not talking about such sad news causes men even more harm than pretending nothing bad is happening. 

At this point I’ve left Mayeda’s free group being disappointed from the double standards that are present there – I remember when he stated in one of his videos how he doesn’t agree with the typical description how men should be “alpha” and so on, yet a friend of a friend (the one I replied to with the post that was deleted later) posted about a well-known article about descriptions of various types of men- from Beta, to Alpha. Guess what? It wasn’t deleted. So yeah, mixed conclusions. Double standards and censorship connected with favoring your own circle of people? Fuck that shit. What’s the difference between this and RSD Tyler who is also asking for huge amount of money to sell you false hopes. I don’t see any. Sad, because Mayeda’s content has already earned a place in my heart. And by the way, I am always a bit skeptical about a dude who is married with kids talking about “hundreds and hundreds of sexual lays, hook-ups, orgies and what-not”… I don’t know… maybe he’s right, maybe not. But for sure he didn’t had hundreds of them. That number is just not rational. So why lie? Does lie sell? Maybe it does.

Well, we are all humans and it seems to me that I no longer want to join any of the other men’s circles. I haven’t found any that I could identify with in 100%. You might already sense what this means. Instead, as yet another side project (separate from RedMaleHummingbird), I am slowly creating my own.


The Four Male Archetypes

Blurbs on Humanity

The human race will go where the majority of the population goes. What most people do not realize is that everything that makes up our world just happened. TV, cars, refrigerators, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, toilets, washing machines, microwaves, computers, etc. have all just appeared in the last few generations, most things in just the last generation. Americans could legally own people as slaves just one-hundred and fifty years ago. Women could not own property, sign a legal contract, or vote until the 1920s, and women did not have equal rights under the law until the 1960s.

Tonight when you are lying in bed in the dark, imagine you are laying on the ground in pitch darkness, with no walls and doors, and thousands of insects and other strange creatures are out in the dark making loud noises. Imagine there are predators many times your size, with large fangs and claws, that can see in the dark and smell where you are sleeping. You were there. Beasts like the saber tooth tiger lived in the same places we lived up until about ten thousand years ago, and they were just one of many creatures that would kill and eat us alive. Remember, this is the way it was for 90% of our history.

Fire: We could not make a fire up until about forty thousand years ago. That means for about one-hundred and sixty thousand years, we had to go to sleep without a fire burning. For most of the time we lived on earth, we feared the night.

Roller-coaster: The pain of the past was balanced, but that does not make it good. When you won a battle or fight to the death or were successful killing an animal during a hunt, it was extremely pleasurable, because it meant survival. This is why men still feel good when we kill something. You were much more aware of the present, so life was much more fulfilling than it is now.

(“Truth Contest“)


You smile = she senses your positive energy and likes you, too. Nope! You smile = she knows you’re vulnerable and amused by her.

In reality it’s so fucked up that you can’t even smile to the girl you like because then she’ll see you as less valuable because she’ll know you are being influenced by her. And she will go to the guy who is less affected by her. So you have to contain your smile and let her come to you intrigued by the fact that you are not moved even by an inch by her sexuality/body/looks etc. If she comes, that’s fine. If she does not – that’s also fine. That’s exactly the definition of wanting someone but not being needy. And I’m ok with that. But I’m not ok with not being able to smile. That’s just stupid.

The Male Archetypes in their Fullness


Do something that scares you
Be more decisive
Quit seeking exits
Find your core values
Have a plan and purpose
Strengthen your resilience
Find out who you are loyal to
Establish and live via non-negotiable terms
Strengthen your discipline via habits and routine
Adopt a minimilist attitude
Take up a physical discipline e.g. martial arts



Commit to life long learning
create more, consume less
work with your hands
take part in rites of passage
find a mentor
become a mentor
create a sangha
create a sacred space


Leave a legacy
Develop practical wisdom
Become a mentor
Find a mentor
Develop the virtue of order
Break away from you mother
Develop traits of true leadership
Establish your core values
Establish your core values
Develop a life plan
protect the sanctity of your ideas
become decisive
Avoid corruption
Live with integrity


Cultivate the virture of moderation
become fully present
find the centre of your bliss
Be spontaneous
work out what your lover needs

Which one depicts you? Of course, all four of them! Let that sink for a while.

What are the female archetypes? Well, nobody can decide. They say that it should be something like this:



Enchantress/Wild Woman/Lover

Queen/Wise Woman

PUA Scam

PUA Scam

Nowadays we have three major paths for men – PUA, The Red Pill and MGTOW.

RSD Tyler/Julien/Todd and the rest of their crew are a nicely cut fake scam artists. (just google “RSD faking infields” and do some research if their method works and check articles like this one ) If you ever tried their methods, you would knew what I’m saying. The only possibility of a quick make out exist if the girl is already after at least few drinks. And usually after few too many! Same with pulls. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find a lot of fun in sleeping with stinking smelly drunkards especially as I don’t drink at all anymore. So, the only way is the casual way. It takes hours out of your evening. It might be faster if you’re still in your 20s and partying in really big cities with like minded people.

If you keep stalking girls that are out just to be a little crazy and to have fun, you’d be blown out many, many times. From time to time you will get results but it’s just a numbers game. It’s not due to your “game” or some magic PUA skills. You will waste time, effort, money and your health – you can as well go to the good quality escort. You’ll get a similar dopamine rush before during and after. At least you can have better pre selection. 😉 Besides, go on and try to go out 3-4 times per week when having a normal day job and being in your middle 30s. It’s tiring. It’s pointless. It’s not that much of a fun, especially if you’re not a heavily extroverted person. And even if you are? I remember watching one video when RSD Tyler/Owen jokingly says that their business model was basically to outline the basics and then complicate them, and keep doing it so at the end the onion has so many layers that nobody knows what’s going on anymore. It works for clueless men who come to their seminars. 2k per one + millions of views on YT + thousands of dollars for their learning programs made them very rich indeed. Remember that sex won’t make you happy if your life is empty. If your life is empty, no woman would want to join your party, either. Owen likes to say that you should “ignore the negative energy” coming from a girl or better, ignore the negativity altogether. And stop listening to the voice in your head. Of course I agree that we shouldn’t overthink stuff too much, but saying that one should ignore your own intuitive voice is just stupid. After many years I’ve finally learnt how to get in touch with my own intuition and I won’t be dropping it anytime soon. Owen has a lot of good ideas that can be applied to a daily life, though. I don’t try to undermine that. Also he certainly posses a very magnetic persona – probably due to some personality issues. He confirmed this himself many times, by the way. Don’t forget that most people out there are just trying to sell you something and make themselves rich. The main point is that you don’t need their magic pills.

After three years…

Radical MGTOW version/way is, well, too radical… I am not impotent, I am not afraid of women, I don’t hate them, they like me and I like them. I have high sexual drive. I love sex and I love women who love sex. I won’t be pretending that’s not the case. We live in a very connected world and shutting myself away from any contact with the opposite gender doesn’t work for me. I don’t need to do this nor I want to do this, either.

So, what’s left? Well, the classical The Red Pill theory. After deep research of both PUA and MGTOW ways, I am going more towards TRP tradition now. And I must admit that Corey Wayne is still portraying the most balanced version of who I am becoming/want to become. His teachings lie somewhere between classical PUA, TRP and MGTOW. With a strong nudge towards TRP side that encourages short/medium term relationships but without radical absurdities of PUAs and monk-mode-MGTOWs.

Women are just women. We won’t change them. And they won’t change us. They are still better placed than us, because they can choose between beta “mangina” providers and alpha “IDGAF” fucks (or just between men believing in LTRs/Love/Kids/Marriage and ones that no longer believe in that bullshit) and that’s about it. We don’t have much choice. 😉 I don’t mind. I buy it. Life is short. Soon, all of us will be dead.

Life is  full of suffering. Yet, life is so beautiful. 

Forge through it. Find your own way.

Enjoy it while you can.

Love =/= Control?

Ultimately, we are all alone. And that’s fine.

And love is a scam. I am not talking about the universal cosmic love. That is something of far wider perspective. But our earthly, human love? It’s a scam. Biological imperative crafted by nature to maintain the continuity of human species.

We are being told that in order to love truly you need to love freely. To give freedom to the person that we love. But yet, at some another level, love also means control. And control means to worry. And you worry to lose someone you love because you care about them. And you can lose a person in many different ways. The feeling that a father has when his daughter slips into drug addiction? That hopeless realization that nothing can be done in order to save her? Yet, he tries to do it nevertheless. And only when he realizes there’s truly nothing he can do to help her, he quits. And gives up. It’s a tremendous sadness mixed with sorrow and grief. This is how I feel now. One of the people that were close to me, deliberately and stubbornly chooses the wrong path for herself. And just like in those books we’ve been told to never read, a small part of myself dies within. This is because a part of myself, of my heart, was living inside of her. And nothing can be done. After so many years of hard work and hope that one can recognize and change the bad habits. You can only save yourself. Other people don’t give a fuck about you or your hope to help them. They don’t want to be saved.

“I am happy only when I am unhappy”

Apparently a parent can never give up and leave his own child. Maybe some of them can. Maybe they do it only on the surface but deep down nothing is being resolved, and there’s no peace at heart. Ever. Maybe sometimes life throws us towards similar experiences, so that we can gain knowledge and recognize patterns.

But after every rainfall, there’s another breakthrough of clear weather. So, on one side I am asking myself “what the hell I am still doing here?” but on the other I know that soon everything will change for the better. For myself. Only for myself.


Plus + Size



Who the fuck would even touch this whale? And yet, women are lucky. Being with a fat woman is a fetish of so many men…

Most of the girls were fat at least few times in their lives. You think from where they got stretch marks on their bellies, asses and legs? It is not some mystery disease that happens only to women.


It happens because they didn’t care about themselves. It happens because they can get away with it. It happens because they are encouraged to not care about themselves.  It happens because they are still desired no matter how bad they look. Because they are lazy and careless.




It happens because ugly whales like this can still get a string of males willing to serve them. Who the fuck would ever want to date such unattractive person? She’s HB4 at best.

During middle ages, she would be washing toilets. Nowadays, she’s some sort of social media star.

World has gone mad.


Did we went too far? Way over the top? Before discovering MGTOW/TRP I was able to have normal conversations with people, now the reality makes me unable to befriend people who have different views. It’s like politics- democrats hate liberals and so on. People are so divided. But maybe they were always like that and being an adult means having alienating opinions and just pretending you’re like everyone else? But then, what’s the fucking point if one supposedly posses “freedom of speech” but can’t be using it as it’s not “politically correct”?!

I was talking with a guy that I know. He said he probably don’t want to get married. He is a Muslim, and I like him. He had some signs that he might “get it”. But it’s pointless. Every time I try to explain something to him, he goes into some sort of brain_freeze mode and he isn’t able to say anything except women are equal to men, and period. He doesn’t get any arguments on the table, though. It is just as it is. I call BS on that, though. Have a look:

Him: “You would make a really good dominant daddy-type BF to some young blonde innocent girl, who’d have to agree to everything you’d say For now, just be content in the fact that there are people who are different than you, who are wrong. who believe in so many other things that to you might be laughable, accept them for who they are and do not try and change them even if you do not agree with their beliefs.”

Now, if he had enough of experience he would knew that young blondes are never innocent and they never agree to everything one says. 😉 Some people cannot be saved. The thing is: if you were wrong, would you like to know? Some people just WANT to believe that the earth is flat and they will ditch out anything proving otherwise.

Him: “Hahahaha, you are sexist, women and men are equal you know, so if they can do it why cant men do it”

Me: “Yes, but men don’t have a pussy. maybe some of them do hehe”

Him: “Women do not have a dick, still they are equal to men. They work it out somehow and so can we”

Me: “Sexes aren’t equal. never were, never be. we are different. we have different drives, purposes. to say we are equal means killing the diversity.”

Him: “Don’t ask stupid questions and look for logic. I am not listening to you, WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN and that is the end of it”

However, his argument is objectively valid. People have different views. But if you knew the truth you would want to save your friends, right? Or at least try to explain them something? I can say the same: our MGTOW truth comes from analysis of logical facts. So what part in his rational thinking works different so that he ends up with “men are equal to women”? And every time I try to tell him “they aren’t equal, they are different, 1=1 but x =/= z … not worse or better, but we are not equal” and he simply doesn’t get it. It’s like a brain block or something. I am not even saying they are worse than us! Just different! No! “They are equal”.

I believe he views it not even as “women and men are equal, men were oppressing women for so long, poor females etc” as he doesn’t go that deep into this topic, but rather “women should have equal rights, we should support them”. Like they weren’t able to support themselves – they already are better than us. Much better.

How we can do something with people like him? Is there anything we can do?

I am suffering with inability to speak up my own truth. They can speak their own truth. And I can’t.
I am tired. Tired of societal conditioning. Because nowadays it doesn’t matter what you know or who you are. What matters is how good you can tell silly/funny stories that make women’s laugh. It matters how “social” you are. How many jokes you can make in a minute- of course to make our beloved women happy. It is just stupid.

Press Terror (Vertigo)

Guys, you know that for us the future might be both bright (VR porn, sex with robots, VasaGel etc) and dark (because we won’t be able to create a family and have kids) but let’s think about kids that are growing up in today’s world. For them the world will become a massive fuck-up. Their young fertile brains are being manipulated from early childhood. They will really believe that they are the sub-gender, that they should kill their own sexuality, that they should serve women… and so on. Now, this stuff is everywhere. Just like information about “10 year olds changing their gender” and how we should encourage it. It is ridiculous! The logical next question to ask is: who the hell is orchestrating it? Because certainly people do not come up with stuff like that on their own. They are too busy working their slavery corporate jobs (if they are lucky!). Maybe the fact that we live under a specific political system? But I don’t think so. Democracy doesn’t do that. I don’t want to come up with some crazy Illuminati stuff either, but sometimes I really feel like I don’t know anything at all anymore.

My friend sent me a bunch of screenshots from the digital version of the famous UK newspaper “The Telegraph”. It is a well known and respected press on the British Island. It was a shock. I don’t read stuff like that, but just a short glimpse on the  “MEN” section confirmed my worries. You would expect empowering stuff over there. Stuff that would enrich a modern man’s life, right? Wrong!

Articles such as “Dr. No means no: Why James Bond is more of a feminist than you might think” by Jeremy Black are all over the place. What the fuckity fucking fuck is this shit? Who writes this? Jeremy, you little fucking cunt… I am sure your wife approves this bullshit but you should be very afraid to meet me someday. I would show you what my idea of James Bond is and I assure you that in my version J.B. kicks smashes faces of people like you. You lazy pussy beggar. Shame on you! You should be castrated but probably you already don’t have anything there.

“How to give your relationship a break without splitting up” – Is this a “MEN” section or not? What the hell is happening? This stuff is not only demeaning, but also worrying. I have an idea: let her fuck whoever she wants and then pretend she never did it! Of course we need to remain faithful during this “break”. Because we love her! D’oh!

“Eight baldness cures” – oh shit, that’s depressing. “Middle age crisis is coming!!! Run!!” We as males should be afraid. We are just microbes, ya know.

“I’m a gay man…” – I think I will need to learn how to swear in different languages, because this is beyond belief.

“Everything you want to know about prostate cancer”
– oh dear and this just tops everything. Very motivating, healthy and fun. It’s great to be a man. Ooops, watch out! We are no longer allowed to call ourselves “men“. It might offend women! Aha! Women! Our divine second halves, our dear goddesses with a hole between their legs! The gate to happiness! How about we check the “Women” section in the very same newspaper?

“Everything you need to know about the Women’s March – and how to get involved” – Because it’s great to be a woman! Feel empowered! Feel proud! Feel strong! Where is the “men’s march” by the way, anyone ever heard about one?

“Quiz – Could you be the next Jane Bond?” – Are you fucking kidding me? James Bond is a feminist and go to hell with him anyway because… here women come!

“Donald Trump – Sexism tracker: every offensive comment in one place” – I am seriously without any rational comments left now, sorry.



“So how should you confront a man watching porn in public?” – Oh my dear fuck. Yes, you read that correctly. More on that later on.

Or no! Let’s talk about it right now! Have a look at the excerpt:

Can you believe this shit? Who the fuck watches porn in public? Is this really some sort of “widespread social phenomenon” (that’s of course very worrying and offending to women) because in my entire fucking life I have never ever saw or heard anyone doing that in any of the countries/cities I have lived so far (and I use public transport regularly). Maybe the people who are writing this BS are out of fresh ideas but you need to think about it that women/men are reading all this and believing every word. It is just like it was with the “mansplaining” craze. And in this very article there’s a hyperlink to another one about “wolf-whistlers”. I click on that and then I am taken away to a new article:

Oh Great Lord Penis, have mercy! Are we still on Earth?! Or inside of a big spinning vagina without a brain?! “What women face on a daily basis“?! Well, how about we talk about what men face on a daily basis you stupid cunts! Oh, that won’t make sense because you don’t give a fuck about us! Because in your little book of rules “being a man means keeping silent and never speaking up about how hard your life is” because only then you feel some bit of respect and your vag is getting wet. That’s just disgusting. “Behavior targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman”? But when stupid bitches call you names it is okay, though? You fucking dirty sluts with no moral values… how I am even still able to get an erection to fuck you is a mystery. If I got to think about how fucking careless you are I would not get one. What sort of protection I can get from “unwanted physical or verbal contact” with a woman? I get fucking none. That’s your fucking equality.

Number of fucks used in this article so far: 17 

Now, I understand that this isn’t some sort of fucking fairy tale. This is really happening. Press terror like this is happening everywhere. It’s not only on paper. It’s on every type of media- internet, TV, magazines. It’s on radio shows. We are doomed. Whoever is pulling the strings (for the whole human civilization) knows very well what he is doing. And they don’t have our happiness in view.

One dude from my current work was working on a side project for 3 months. He was doing work which included talking to important clients. He enjoyed it. He is very ambitious. Other people were coming over to him for advice and even though there were 2 other females scheduled to work on this with him they never did much because he was doing all of the work. They were slow, incompetent and unable to handle tough cases well, so he took over. Today it turned out that his female coworker has been selected to take care of the whole project and on top of that she received a special privilege to become the only person to do it. Nobody recognized his efforts or even mentioned him. She wasn’t doing it during these 3 months (because she did not liked it and my colleague took over) so it couldn’t be a decision based on performance. Even a short look on statistics would confirm who was really working on it during these last months. But the decision was made by a high manager who is a female. We have females as team leaders. As mentors. As coaches. They are everywhere. Women are everywhere in high positions of power and we are still talking about equality? We have none. When we will really wake up it will be far too late for us to recover. 

And it all starts when we are little kids. When travelling by train or coach, there’s always some older woman asking to help with her bags. And a young male is always happy to help. Then he hears that “there still are some gentleman around these days” and bathes in a pool of female validation. He feels good with himself. Grooming starts early. Did you ever heard any request for help from an older man? I haven’t.

This world is mad. It’s like being in a state of a complete vertigo.

Besides, at this very moment our planet Earth is flying through cosmos with the speed of 107,000 km/h spinning around its own axis and around the sun – which in fact is spinning, too – making the whole solar system rotating around it. Our solar systems flies through the huge galactic equator and the whole Milky Way galaxy rotates around the local super-cluster which is spinning around even bigger group of galaxies. Everything is fucking spinning! How the fuck anything can be normal?!

The power of Ignoring

“Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, foolish, and short-sighted — in a word, are big children all their lives, something intermediate between the child and the man, who is a man in the strict sense of the word. Consider how a young girl will toy day after day with a child, dance with it and sing to it; and then consider what a man, with the very best intentions in the world, could do in her place.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women




“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

I really tried to look at women in a nice way again. I really wanted to treat them good. I really wanted to end this blog as there’s no point in constant bragging about females. And after all I enjoy their company. I like to laugh with them look at their bodies and fuck them, too. I really wanted to end all this hatred towards them. They are all humans, after all. But I fucking can’t! 

I’m back. And in 2017, women are even more fucked up than ever!

As some of you know, currently I live with a female friend. Our lease agreement ends in a few months. She has a weak mangina as her boyfriend. He wants to start living with her. She kept postponing this for the last 12 months. She wants to “know him better” first. That’s what she told me. They are together for more than a year and there’s nothing new she could possibly learn about him – he is 100% pussy beggar and I don’t respect him either. She was considering extending our lease agreement for a few more months. It would possibly suit me too as I could save more money. I told her that it would be better if she would not tell about all this to him because he would start bragging about moving in with her again. She agreed. Today I’ve found out that she told him anyway, and tried to kept me out of the loop. The story she told me is that he doesn’t know and we can sign a new lease. The story she told him is that they can look for something together (so that he will search for the flat and so on). Typical. Female. Manipulation. I am not even surprised by such behavior anymore. It’s not something that we can call an “exception”. To be lied to by a female is as certain as the sunset happening every day.

She has her own agenda and honesty is not paired with it. Remember guys: she is someone that I call “my friend”. Other females are much, much worse in this regard. They don’t even pretend you’re something more than a tool (at best!) to them. And she probably just want to have as many open options as possible. She is independent after all, yeah? Women are as independent as a vineyard cultivated in a greenhouse built on Mars. They are dependent on us. Our whole admiration and societal systems. They kept saying how much they give us. But what they do, exactly? What they do take care of? Except themselves?! Not much. She can’t even move her ass to clean the place, or wash the dishes. And it’s not 1840, these things are easy by now. Or maybe I don’t live long enough to notice it! It’s time for us to do the same. Take care of ourselves. Not them.

Recently I’ve heard a song in the radio with lyrics that went: “I want to be with you every day” (and so on). It hit me – those are songs made for girls. And to be more precise: songs for girls being in love. Because they describe that particular state of utter craziness and lack of rational thinking. Love. The main problem is that songs like that cover majority of the so-called commercial music. Songs for men? Nope. They would probably need to contain lyrics like “I want to fuck your juicy pussy…”. I doubt this would be ever approved for publishing. Because it could offend somebody.

Inequality is everywhere. Majority of men- due to social stigma and early childhood programming- don’t even know the truth and if they sense that something is wrong with our gender roles they are afraid to speak up. At my office girls often (especially if most men are on holidays and therefore absent) laugh and comment in a very rude and loud way how they want (or don’t want) to find husbands for themselves so that they can be taken care of. And dominate over them  “love them”. Men don’t talk like that, they go silent when women come by. Another important point is that marriage hides the nature of women while bachelorhood exposes it as life goes on. That’s why if you’re not married up before being, say, 35 years old you probably won’t get married at all.


The power of Ignoring

New chick arrived in our office. She immediately made “friends” with other girls in our team. She is rather hot when skinny but unfortunately aliens recently implanted a cow in her ass so after Christmas she gained some weight. I’d give her 6 on the EB scale at most maybe 7 when skinny (but I am sure she is perceived as a goddess by someone!) She has an outgoing and dominating personality. She sits in front of me, on the desk by my left side so that we are facing each other. I was ignoring her for the whole 2 days before the weekend. When I was looking straight at the PC monitor I’ve noticed how she was bamboozled by this. She looked at me at least dozen of times being surprised that I don’t try to entertain her like other males around. “Maybe he doesn’t like me? Maybe I am too fat? Why he is like that, I know I am sexy! He never looked at me!”. She even yawned a few times extending her arms wide and putting her chest up front – coincidence?

This works. No banter, no fucking chit-chat. No joking. No teasing. Nothing. She doesn’t exist for me. She has to prove herself (which she obviously won’t do because she already won the approval of the female part of the team) to me. But I don’t care. I won’t sleep with her, she won’t be important in my life so I don’t give a damn. Women are emotional, manipulative, controlling. Those are the good qualities by the way. 😉

“A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women

Happy new year, folks. MGTOW way is the only way.

As a New Year gift I have a link to the book titled “Sex-Ploytation: How Women Use Their Bodies to Extort Money from Men” by Matthew Fitzgerald. It should be a good read. 😉

They know they aren’t perfect!

They know they aren’t perfect!

One of the female colleagues at work brought back few parcels from the post room. They were there waiting for one dude to collect them. He was so grateful to her.  He told her: “Oh, you’re so great you brought me these parcels! You’re fantastic!” instead of something normal like “Thanks a lot“. That would be enough, but he kept bragging for half of the day about her greatness. You could tell (by looking at her face) that she was probably thinking something like “No, I am not great! I lie, deceive, manipulate and fart when you don’t look. Stop calling me perfect! Stop telling me I am great! I am just like you, if not worse!“. Women, on one side expect to be treated like privileged princesses- this is due to their false and fake upbringing which starts when they are little girls. From the other side even with all that bad programming deep down they sense that they are just like us, or worse (due to that handicap and privileges). Social media era helped to uncover how much psychopathic women truly are…before it started, women actually hid quite well from scrutiny.

They are tribal creatures. They tend to mimic each other and flock together. Notice how this works in any given group of women. If there are four of them and suddenly a cool guy appear and start chatting with all three of them, the fourth one will try to join into the conversation even if she doesn’t find the guy appealing enough. She will do this not only to appear at least equal to her female colleagues but mostly to not appear less attractive.


Are men really that powerful?

From one side we build bridges construct spaceships and dive into quantum physics but from the other side it only takes a few simple tricks and we are put in place like little silly monkeys. Your new girl uses exactly the same tricks she used to manipulate her previous partners – mastered and tweaked even further.

Ever heard how it’s possible that you can sustain fucking her 3 times in a row (especially at the beginning of the relationship?) and how good your are in bed (or something similar)? There you go, this ultimate female validation serves only one purpose: to make you feel good… feel better than every other competitor and make sure that you will invest your emotions into the equation. She needs them to be involved in order to make you commit. She probably tells the same old story about “best lover she ever had” to every single lover. You might ask – why they are doing this? Well, sex for a woman is not the end. It’s the beginning.

And also it’s the beginning of an end- for men. She isn’t dumb- she knows that you are all after her hole (or holes- depends what you’re into 😉 ) and nothing much (except if you’re a typical mangina/blue pill beta – then you will be there to stay without asking) and she will do everything she can to keep you involved in her. After all, she has chosen you. She probably did a good personality scan of you and noticed that you liked her. She noticed your pathetic sexual advances and attraction which you felt towards her body. She knows she can control you through this. And if her pussy won’t be enough, there’s a full spectrum of emotions and psychological manipulation at it’s finest. There it is. Modern relationship of XXI century. There’s no damn love. Unicorns don’t exist. And yet, some stupid men still believe in fairy-tales get married and expect to be served by their wives. Sexually, emotionally and what not. It is not you to be served in this equation. It is her. And no, it’s not going to be an equal partnership either, you dumb-ass!

Yet, without the “worship” part it does not work. That’s why nature made it all so strangely twisted- from one side we can be great architects and fly to Mars. From the other side – it takes just a fresh pussy for us to loose all of our own rational thinking. So, it’s all in the balance. If you can find that and enjoy both sides of the coin, you can call yourself a winner.

You might ask – what’s the price that they are paying? Well, to be honest – I don’t know. But I know that I could not stand living my life and knowing that it’s been a one big lie. Women know they manipulate, lie, deceive and cheat. They might push the consciousness of this deep down their own minds and try to cover it up with their own rationale but they can’t forget about it. Maybe that’s their eternal source of unhappiness and depression – to be able to manipulate and control the other gender and yet, to not be able to find happiness, true love or empathy. For sure this can be compared to suffering.


Develop them. Prostitution is not a long term solution. Live on your own.

Sex Drive

One must understand that “our issue with wanting to have sex with women” is not an issue but an innate biological drive/need. you cannot “fix” it because it’s not broken. This is why women can control us. There’s no real 100% solution to it and if anybody tells you there is, he’s lying or still inexperienced. Real daily relationships and interactions with women cover much more than just masturbating to some pixels on screen and claiming that you’re an expert on the field.

What are our solutions? Chemically reducing your sexual drive (and that’s fucked up if you ask me), playing it safe: using masturbation (but that doesn’t solve all of the problems, it ruins your inner energy – which you might not feel that much if you’re young, but you will feel it after some time in the future when you become older); prostitution (that also feels fake and artificial after a while as it doesn’t provide female validation and full emotional spectrum which is needed for men to truly enjoy intimate connection that is being created during sex) or having short-term relationships. There’s no real ultimate “working-for-all” solution to this. I hope Vasagel will provide us with more freedom albeit they had another draw-back recently so the date of this product being released has been pushed away again. But even with Vasagel widely available, who knows what women will do by then to keep us at bay? Action creates reaction. And probably STDs will be rampant as nobody will be using condoms. Who knows.

All the way in.

This is the thing. Women are stupid. They aren’t as intelligent as us. They aren’t emphatic at all. They lack emotional depth and philosophical understanding of the world as we do. They don’t build things, they don’t architect, engineer or foreseen. They don’t dive into metaphysical side of life – that’s why every free philosophy system is so full of men and rarely has any women in them (Buddhism). I don’t mean religions because they are just sects which are brainwashing their own flock full of sheep. That’s not free thinking.

Now, we must develop them. Develop women. If you encounter undeveloped women, you need to have strong boundaries and stable male personality in order to tame them and not allow them to walk all over you. But for that, you need to be a developed man yourself. It’s often no fun in this, because you realize that women are basically endless string of fucking silly, undeveloped nightmares. You need to stop dreaming of meeting a normal, equal partner. That’s not going to happen.***

So to conclude this, innately a modern developed man ultimately will be always somewhat unhappy. Finally realizing that he’s not going to find an equal partner in another human, in the second gender, that all this story about love was a lie – is very depressing. And having a fucking pet in form of a woman – that needs to be trained tamed and developed like a puppy – just to be able to coexist is not worth the effort. We were ought to meet partners, not untrained pets! All this makes a modern man lose all of his respect towards females.

Women can only function properly in relationships with men if they are put into submission. And this is almost impossible to do, because our current society supports women, not men. How we are supposed to create this normal balance if any given girl can have dozens of partners through social media platforms such as FB, OKCupid, Tinder and receives so many compliments from fucking manginas and blue pillers that the only thing she really cares for is how to create a perfect selfie-pose so that she can get more likes? It’s fucking disgusting. Women aren’t women nowadays, they are pretending to be pictures from the magazine covers. And when you turn to page two it turns out they are spoiled twisted and toxic.

Maybe their fathers screwed up the job, maybe their mothers. Maybe both. Or maybe she was just a twisted fruit-loop. I don’t care. I am looking with my eyes open to meet that one normal, developed female who has a stable personality, good (on average) intellect, she is feminine and balanced. And I don’t see anyone yet.

Healthy habits? You gotta be kidding me. Everyone either drinks, or smokes or is hooked up on caffeine or sugar or something else. How people who live like that can be healthy and stable? That’s another story.

Personal Data

Anyways, the only rational option for me is to look forward towards saving enough money to finally moving out from my current place and beginning living on my own again. Optimistically, this should happen around May, 2017. In a more realistic version – November 2017. Wish me luck. I’d rather have less money but be on my own (I currently share a flat with one female friend, as I mentioned before, due to changing my workplace/moving to another city).

She isn’t that bad, but doesn’t give a fuck about stuff like cleaning or washing dishes. She is a grown up adult, but accustomed to being with a weak pussies/ beta males/ manginas all her life. Maybe except one guy who betrayed her 3 times after several years- so she couldn’t be that good anyway lol – and yet she never found herself another normal guy- so, maybe having personal servants is far easier? They are going to lick your ass no matter how bad you will treat them. And you don’t need to change any bad traits in your personality either. Easy. But then you expect to treat every other man just in the same way. Bad habits are formed. And I should work on her now, try to develop her? And then her fucking weak boyfriend comes in and brags how women should be protected? And how divine they are? Seriously… all odds are against normal old school men nowadays.

Yuck. I hate people like that. Without any goals motivation or plan of developing themselves yet constantly bragging how bad their life is. Constant drama out of thin air.

I could not see how the fuck any normal developed male would choose living with a woman – his GF, mother or even a wife – above being on his own. MGTOW all the way, gentlemen. Freedom is the key. Every truly free person has to be little lonely, too. But that’s the price worth paying.

*** – And even if you ever will, she will want to be with you only so that she can use you towards achieving her own goals. Having kids, free house, marriage and so on. That’s the female nature. Thinking ONLY about itself. Think about it. On the surface she will be telling you sweet little lies about love and that magical bond she’s having with you, but underneath you will know that’s not true. After all, try to stop going to work or become ill or disabled. Suddenly the magical bond will disappear! Isn’t love supposed to be for the good and for the bad, too?

Think about that. Think about YOUR OWN MALE NATURE and GO YOUR OWN WAY.