Purple Pill Bullshit

I’m back, and I am well. I am just finding myself on my new place, so that makes me very busy as usual. Not a lot of new content as life sometimes suck you in.

I’ve once slept with a call-girl. She was very inexperienced. You could tell from the first seconds. She was young and nice. It was a nice meeting. I always wonder why such a girl does it. Maybe because she can? You know, you can earn 5000 EUR per week, meeting several clients per day for 30 mins. I need to work my ass off for much longer to get that amount of money. She will wash herself and that’s it, just like hooking up with several businessmen using the “normal” way. And 5k in your pocket. But she was naive, she used the same phone number for her private life so I could check out her profile picture on whats-app and see her with her brother, in a very natural setting. How stupid you can be to use your normal phone number when you’re making a week off to work as an escort? Seriously… I wonder if her brother knows about her little sis hidden hobby. I don’t think so.

Women are whores. Period.

Women, eh.

Don’t hate them. They are merely doing what the nature programmed them to do – to find a suitable provider and build a nest. Of course they wont stick around if youre unsuccessful nature is cruel indeed.

We are just a bunch of intelligent monkeys trying to pretend we arent.

You know whats even more absurd? Men spend all their lives building that false facade, that “show”, that fucking nest so that they can attract females. Then they come and take away everything and suck the male dry – literally. It’s so not worth it. But I guess anyone who’s afraid of loneliness, deserves it. We don’t have any other choice, really.

The whole socializing stuff, sharing everything on your fucking social media playing for the females so they can be engaged on your FB profile, commenting and giving out likes so you get a bit of social validation which then raises your fucking social status… it’s pathethic. We all cry out for privacy but we give out everything about our lives on a silver platter. That information is not even encoded properly! It’s just pure madness. The moment I went to Minds.com I realized one thing: a very small number of people share their own lives there in the same way as on Facebook. Nobody shares pictures of their day, or what they had for the fucking dinner. Nobody cares that much about likes or other shit like that. Because it doesn’t matter! Minds.com is about something else. And then it makes me wonder: why would anyone even wanted to share pictures about the fact they went to a cinema, like who cares? To get that short dopamine burst of social validation after receiving a few likes? It’s pure madness. Now suddenly everyone is am extrovert narcissist. It’s crazy.

Of course, social validation coming from women is volatile as fuck… it can be lost in seconds if you wont play the music females want to hear. It disgusts me. And say just this and you will be called misogynist or a women hater instantly. By whom? By fucking beta males, manginas and other pussies like that. People are so weak. So stupid.

Purple Pill bullshit

And what those Purple Pill life coaches have to say? “Well oh man I know that sometimes women just go crazy, but you know what I do I just go talk with my male friends and we gather and share that yeah they are all crazy but what we can do” is that it? Is that fucking it? That supposed to be a solution? No, I refuse to get married and get some privileged girl pregnant so that she can reap all of the benefits.


The Male Spiritual Journey

I would love to have a yet another cool laid-back romance with a little bit of travelling nice sex and a good laughs. Just like in the recent past. But there are almost no healthy women out there. Every time I need to dig through a pile of shit. The pool is so small and most of them are already taken. Where is the fun when spending your precious time with old crazy girls or young chicks who either are offended by the sight of a naked cock, have some toxic issues or common outbursts of anger for no reason/being too spoiled as a little princesses?

A most attractive young girl was being interviewed by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.
“While you were on earth,” he asked, “did you indulge in promiscuity, smoking, dancing or any other form of wickedness?” “Never, never!” protested the girl. “Well, then why have you not reported sooner?” asked St. Peter. “You have been dead for years!”

How an undeveloped man who is afraid of women can develop them and be viewed as attractive? He can’t. And he is not. He can only be viewed as being substandard semi-attractive, as a provider. A beta. A bunny. Even the top “leading betas” are still viewed as pussies. They are problematic sometimes and will often shout loudly and protest when you will present some more masculine traits onto them. They are shocked that you can say something that opposes senseless praise of women.

If you put her on  a pedestal she has no option than look at you from above.
If she sees that you crumble under her physicality and unable to stand your ground just because she doesn’t wear a bra today and her tender perky breasts jump around every time she walks by, she knows that she can easily control you.

If you have options other than her she knows that she needs to bring something onto the table to keep you. If you have options it proves that you have a high self esteem, sense of self-worth and enough experience as a man to not allow yourself to be pushed back and forth by a woman. That makes her feel safe & attracted to you at the same time. Women love competition. Or maybe, they love winning and being on the top even more. If you are giving yourself as a free prize to her, there’s no competition and – just like a cat who always gets what he wants – she goes away, bored.

There are only two types of males. Bunnies and men. Bunnies are afraid of women. Females can easily sense that. Men are not. Men are able to go their own way nonetheless about what bunnies and women do or say about or to them.

So stand your ground, go your own way and be proud of who you are.