Feminism, female violence and abundance of Blue Pills.

Hi everyone, Datson Horrenbrand here. I must admit that today I am a little bit frustrated. Our whole movement (or philosophy of living, or IDK what it really is?) is growing but the obstacles that are present in our current society is making us outsiders, and often loners. Thankfully there exist this marvel called the internet. 😉 It makes the whole thing easier. I spent whole evening digging the MGTOW/RedPill community, watched several good videos and read plenty of articles on various websites- apparently from both sides of the ‘conflict’. Links below in the article.

I also saved few good quotes – if I forgot to add an author of the citation, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will happily update the info.
For the first one, the pseudo anti-feminist or whoever she is (found her through FeminismLOL)


Women don’t build, invent or produce anything of real economic, social or political value BUT WE SHOVE HUMANS OUT OUR VAGINAS

Ok, you’re really a bitch.

Don’t agree. First of all, it is you who wanted a kid. Nobody asked you for it. You did it for your sole fucking pleasure and to be able to remain on a eternal holidays called by you ‘hard work’ when in fact you’re mostly sitting on a couch, eating out your husband earnings and becoming fat and lazy. While your beta husband strangely believes you are ‘raising up a kid’ the truth is you are too lazy to drive the kid to the kinder-garden because it’s raining and you don’t want to be stuck in traffic for 30mins. And the house is in the mess. But you’re fucking busy raising the kid. Yeah. Sure. You meant you’re lazy sitting on a couch surfing the internet. Face the facts. That’s how it looks in 90% of the examples. I experienced this myself and I wrote about it in my previous posts.

It’s pathetic. And such women can now master their power games now on two persons – a child and a husband. Wow, sometimes she even think of her husband as a kid. And see how badly his mother raised him, so she sometimes (on a daily basis) re-train and re-raise him to be her even better servant. She feel divine now. She is a mother. Everything should revolve around her now even more than before. it’s so fucked up.

I agree with Diana Davison here- this whole so-called ‘healthy marriage/family’ paradigm we currently live in… it is just terrible and fucking sick.

And yeah. World is over-populated. We don’t need more humans here.

So many women are so entitled and used to control men (their boyfriends/husbands mostly, but not only!) that when they encounter one that is not controlled by their sexual influences or emotional manipulation most of the times they don’t even know how to react. They try their old tricks which work on their husbands, but not on MGTOW. So what do they do? They call their husbands and complain to get rid of that annoying guy. And beta husbands are doing that. Even if they are your friends. They will drop you, because she said so. How fucking weak is that? Can we trust anyone besides others who also went MGTOW?

What the fuck is wrong with the human race? We don’t need alien invasion. Women are more than enough.

And no, having kids don’t erase the fact that you did not achieved anything in your life.

You say giving birth is what women bring into this world. Well. It’s like men saying ‘well I didn’t achieved anything, but I just had an ejaculation and impregnated a girl!’

Some people need to have kids because otherwise their life would make no sense. Some women need to give birth, because otherwise they would not have anything else to blame on the fact that they didn’t achieved anything in life.
Yeah. Keeping up the house and cooking. Including for yourself. How fucking hard and tough work is that. Try to go to job as a typical male 9-5 for your entire life, Monday-Friday and also be a provider for a kid and a wife. Deal with stressful job. And all. No, sure. Your fucking cooking dinner at home is definitely more stressful than that. And well let’s face it- most of women don’t even do that! Woman who cooks these days is being treated like pure gold. It’s just fucking cooking food! Men are better cooks, btw. 

You bring in new human beings? Well as studies show, no matter how you raise them and how good parents kids have they can either become rapists or artists. You never know. It’s playing Russian roulette.

As Diana Davison said:

Women don’t give a shit what men think, they only care about how other women perceive them in their own bizarre world of value. Women only compete with each other. They have no interest in competing with men because men are their servants, not their competition.

True. How many times I saw beta-husbands saying some well-thought intellectual shit with getting their wives impressed in mind. Yeah, sure. Often it was indeed well-thought intellectual insight. But she didn’t care what you said. She didn’t even notice your genius metaphor or perfect word-juggle. She don’t think of you as a great intellect. Or a guy full of wisdom. She only sees your pay-check while you give her money because she needs new make up cream.
Men also hit the wall. Of course, by living healthy and taking care of ourselves we can greatly extend our prime time. But I am no longer sure whether ‘the wall’ means anything for the women at all. After all, she can easily find beta chumps to feed and provide her everything even if she becomes fat, old and less pretty. Even if she is clearly toxic and crazy. Slaves to the vagina…

I was watching some clips from askluimarco, you can find his videos here:


Guy knows his stuff and I recommend you his feed.


Our current culture crafts women into self-indulgent, self-absorbed princesses who seek to find slave partners that will cater to their every whim. That’s what makes them un-likeable. At any time, women are free to make better choices. At that point, people will stop hating them.

It is really deep. They can get away with anything. For example. Once I went clubbing. I’ve meet a girl that once was very into me (but I was with somebody else back in the Blue Pill days, and she was also with somebody but the chemistry was there at least at that point) after I went Red Pill – years later – she contacted me again as apparently she split with her partner. We’ve meet but she was indifferent, fat and acting nasty. Testing me all the time. And expecting.. what exactly? For me to entertain her? Also she was clearly showing strong signs of toxicity – and I mean Borderline Personality Disorder here. Funny, huh?

So, to make a long story short- I’ve meet her after some time accidentally in one club. She was ignorant, rude and at one point after I’ve made a humorous comment that ‘at least she lost some weight’ (because lol she did- new boyfriend, so she at least tried to create impression of being somebody worthy) she went practically mad. She hit me in the head, started to showing ‘fuck off’s’ to me and went away.

Now, it was middle of the night the club was packed and her hit wasn’t life threatening of course but it also wasn’t a ‘humorous pat on the head’. I could feel the energy and the message. Guess what? I hit her back. Of course making sure that it would be much lighter and all but that she would not get away with her action just like that. How many times men must face nasty comments, being criticized and even physical violence from a women? When last time did you heard a story about female violence in the media? Oh yeah, I don’t remember it either. Because they are the ‘weak gender’. Yeah, sure.

Just stop and think for a second. The moment something like that happens where men can go and complain? They will be ridiculed in an instant not only by women but also by men. Yet, women scream about equality. And the moment you tell story like that from the club there’s already a pack of beta-men shouting that I am not the victim or that I wasn’t acting in self defence (per se) but that I am aggressive and should be locked in.

The saddest part is that they can get away with anything. That girl was dumped by her previous BF probably as he after many years finally realised how bad person she was (red pill, maybe?) but she easily could find another provider, happy for that harpy to ‘be’ with him. It is unimaginable to me. Men need to wake the fuck up. Right now. Women scream about equality, but they passed that mark long time ago. They want more power. And they know how blind we are. They know how we cherish them and believe they are somewhat better than us. They aren’t. And no, they aren’t our mummies – which often – were bad mothers anyway.
When a woman cry, she comes to her man for being cared of, to get an intimacy moment and a rush of oxytocin.

When a men cry, we must hide it from the woman to not show her our ‘weakness’. We are lonely as fuck. Much, much more than women. It’s not bragging, it’s just a fact.

So what alternative we have? No sex? Again great point from Diana Davison here:

Some rapes are extremely violent, leaving women beaten and in hospital with damage to their reproductive organs. These crimes are not just rapes, they are brutal physical assaults that never go unreported and no one laughs. A man can end up with lifelong damage from getting kicked in the groin yet this is comedy to women.

Yet, in our society huge mentality exists where even men are standing in front-lines vowing to bring ‘gender equality’. What equality? You mean bring on the ever-increasing women dominance and over-usage of power in the gender relations? You are just serving them, idiots! They are using you.

How many single men do you know? As for me, I know barely a few.

Most of them are chained like little puppies to their girlfriends without even realising how many Blue Pills are being fed to them daily.

The few that remain single are in the ‘single’ sphere as by accident, of course. Usually a terrific tragedy which means being cheated by their ex-gf.. they are lost, lonely and unable to live their lives without a women ‘partner’. So they are desperately looking for another one. Some of them ‘lost hope’ being sucked into feeling of being inadequate, or else.

Then there’s one more that I know, a typical ‘player’ – kind of PUA guy, who just looks for sex. He isn’t 100% MGTOW, and I am not sure about his Red Pills supply.

But you get my point. That’s it. The rest of the men I know are being Blue from the toes to the head.

It’s really a tragedy.


And what we face is even more tragic, because for MGTOW there’s really no coming back. Think about this for a moment. After all this, gaining the whole knowledge and landing on this website here. Could you happily get back to being in a relationship with a woman, just like in the old ways? If yes, then how? And what drugs would you use to numb yourself from the truth? 😉

I, of course, still enjoy sex and intimacy/physical closeness because I am a human being. But I can’t take the risks. That’s why vasectomy is the only choice to put a wall between me and a loop on my neck that some girl might want to put called pregnancy. It will protect me practically but in theory I would be still feeling that sexual drive and longing after intimacy. And the knowledge that I will never get it from a women in the way they can get it from us is still a sad realisation.

Now think for a second – maybe some people becoming gays do this because they know a woman would never love them in the same way as a man? For some of them it must be the true reason for sure.
Feminism LOL. I love her brain. 😉 Also she reminds me of my ex. She is very similar in her looks. Funny coincidence. It’s good that finally some girl is speaking out the truth.
And she’s right. What’s her agenda? Maybe in every group of people there’s one black sheep. She might be a black sheep for other women, but to me that’s the whitest black sheep I have ever seen.

I hugely recommend you to read on and subscribe to her feed (of course, she gathered fairly big crowd very quickly- that’s showing how men are addicted to women – and naturally she admitted to not trust her per se- so I would not 😉 )


She is very insightful and she knows what she is talking about. I feel she is on our side. She recommends not going back to traditionalist world but again, that would require women completely changing who they are. Almost impossible in regards how current power dynamics between genders looks like?

The man is the head of the house but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants.

Again, true words.

Women’s beauty inhibits their growth. From 14-24 there is no pressure put on them to do anything other than look pretty. Because of this most do not develop any other skills. They rely solely on their beauty to prosper.

I don’t think the depression comes from losing their beauty it comes from the moment of realization that they have no skills and are a horrible person. The depression comes from knowing the fact that now they must work for a living. This is why women get so much surgery to stay young. And women who don’t have tits get them so they don’t feel left out of this non-growth period.

True. What for someone would develop any useful set of skills if they posses a vagina and the knowledge how to use that ‘power’? But remember, that power is a given skill. A president means nothing without his voters. A Mafia boss means nothing without his soldiers. I believe we can turn away our given power to women. But more men must realise what is happening. Women want more. The whole stigma about rape, feminism and using sex as a weapon. They know this is their momentum, that XXI century changed the dynamics. And they are pushing forward. Of course, with a huge amount of Blue Pill men fighting for their very own goals.

Rape stigma. This is huge and still growing. Ever heard about Bill Cosby, Julian Assange or Strauss-Kahn? How easy is to kill a life-long worth of reputation in one instance? The last person was even proven innocent by the court but his political career is more or less finished. Because some women claimed something. This is how strong they are.

Feminism LOL1 

It’s not just the financial abuse of men that needs to be dealt with (and men’s pride over how much money they can throw away on female whims) it’s the underlying attitude that women are divine and men are base animals. Weddings are twisted displays of female worship but with or without the wedding they still control men and make them their errand boys. Women need to grow the fuck up and learn that survival is something they need to participate in instead of being a protected class. Participating fully in life is a gift you give yourself.

As Churchill said: “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”?

I can’t agree more.

And why I am sad? If a current authorities for younger male generation are advising shit like ‘kill our male pride’ I am seriously worried.

Terry Crews

“My message to all men is that you have to kill pride,”

I couldn’t believed it when I read about it. Check it out down below:


What about women’s pride?

‘Crews also summed up why men should feel empowered to engage with feminism’

Terry sorry for being direct but what the fuck are you talking about, dude? 

Ok. Wait. He wrote a book about.. true manhood.


Ohh sweet Jesus. What a great cover. Best example Blue Pill beta can hide under a big body. 

Ok. I end up here. You come up with your own conclusions. So, as for now- no solution. I am very grateful for all good souls out there that are not afraid to spoke the truth. Thanks for your time and see you soon.


3 thoughts on “Feminism, female violence and abundance of Blue Pills.

  1. WTF,You really ragging on Judgy Bitch???? Or did you just miss that her lede was based on a femi-nazi’s claims, which JB was parodying for the benefit of the RP’s?


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